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Welcome to Carefree City Real Estate

We're here to help you on your journey to finding your dream home.

Welcome to Carefree City Real-Estate. In the UK – a man’s home is his castle. We specialise in trying to find you some real space to live in. You won’t find any terraced homes or cramped building plots on our books. We go out of our way to find properties which have land and privacy around them, and plenty of living space in them. You’d think that properties such as these would cost a fortune, but that simply isn’t the case. Don’t get us wrong, some are very pricy – but there are also very affordable properties too.

If your idea of a perfect home is privacy, and space then we’re the people you need to talk to. We will hunt down the perfect property for you in your target area, and arrange viewings for you with the local agents.

Why Choose Us?
Much of the UK’s older housing stock is from the days of heavy industry, and houses are built in long terraces, with gardens overlooked and walls that don’t keep next door’s sound out. Everyone knows everyone else’s business. The same applies for modern developments. Greedy builders cram as many properties onto a plot of land as they can get away with – so they tend to be small – and overlooked.
  • We only list properties which match our strict criteria for living space and privacy
  • We are not your traditional estate agent
  • We work for you to find your perfect home
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Single Family Home
Single Family Home