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How much are conveyancing fees when buying or selling a property?

The safest way to find a quotation for conveyancing fees is to get a quotation from a solicitor. You can speak to your local family solicitors about this or you could get the Yellow Pages directory out and try ringing round a few. It would be unlikely that you could get an immediate quotation over the phone unless the firm has published a scale of rates listing a guide to their service charges.

As we are well and truly in the age of Internet shopping you could also check out the web to look at websites of solicitor and licenced practitioner practices in your area. this would be totally practical on the assumption that your local legal experts actually have a web presence, in practice this may not be the case as the profession is widely known for not wanting to spend on IT or much else for that matter. If you are lucky and some of your local firms do have a website you may find that some of them have gone a step further and can offer you an online guide to service charges or even present you with a realistic online quote.

You will also now find some portal type web offerings very alike the price comparison websites we all use and there are some that offer dedicated conveyancing quotations.

In addition you’ll also find websites for businesses that are offering to do cheap online conveyancing. You will have to use your judgement on these types of sites as to whether they are actually offering a ‘from a distance’ conveyancing service or whether they are going to take your details and resell your details as what is known as a ‘lead’. This is a big business as people like mortgage lenders and brokers will gladly pay for the chance to convert your enquiry into a big fat mortgage commission upon succesful completion thereof.

We like because this website give all-inclusive quotations that show the fully disclosed costs without any hidden fees or charges. Apparently it is a condition of the operators of this site that any solicitors wanting to be a member of the panel must strictly adhere to the policies laid down which include policies of transparency and fairness when it comes down to pricing.

We also recommend that you obtain a no-complete no-fee guarantee. This means that if your case collapses, perhaps through no fault of your own you will not be charged any portion of the legal fees accrued. Only the element of disbursements.

It is much easier to get a quotation over the Internet from a panel of solicitors than by calling or phoning all the solicitors in your area. You probably won’t get a solicitor that near to you on these panels unless you are lucky and do find a good one close to you but that doesn’t really matter in this electronic age where things can be faxed, emailed and digitally transmitted.

You have to be careful when using the Internet though because not all advertisers are playing on a level field. We have noticed that there are many firms and businesses that claim they will provide conveyancing for as little as £99 but you can be sure that they are just hiding costs that cannot be avoided and that will be added onto your bill as extras anyway.


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